Need to buy paper cones in Tashkent and Uzbekistan? But what if your company is located in a remote region? In this case, you have several options:

1. Hire a vehicle and a driver who will deliver the cones to the enterprise. This option can be characterized as costly, complex and time-consuming. And often – unreliable. Are you ready to risk your own money and waste time? We are sure not!

2. Carry out the transportation using the transport and personnel of the company. To do this, you will have to:

– temporarily abandon the vehicle available in your company;

– find an employee and send him to the region where the seller is located.

This trip may take several days. And transport, like an employee, may be urgently needed for you the very next day.

Of course, you can pay for shipping from the manufacturer. But how beneficial is it?

How do we deliver paper cones?

LLC “GERMESTEKS” makes delivery of paper cones throughout Uzbekistan. Transportation is carried out by prior order.

How much can we deliver? Up to 20 tons or 60 cubic meters of finished products! We are not afraid of large volumes and tight deadlines. After all, we understand how important it is to provide production with consumables. Every day of downtime for a textile company means big losses. We will help you avoid them!

In addition, we guarantee you:

– prompt execution of orders;

– timeliness of deliveries;

– the most flexible delivery terms;

– acceptable cost for services and products from our company.

Still in doubt? Call us or place an order online. Make sure that working with us is profitable, convenient and, of course, reliable!