Paper cones or conical chucks are an important part for organizing textile production. “GERMES TEKS” – a company specializing in mass production and subsequent sale of paper cones in Tashkent and Uzbekistan. All manufactured products comply with GOST standards, as well as with international standards.

Of course, every textile company has its own unique paper cartridge needs. Therefore, today in the range of our products you can find 6 different models of cones, presented in 5 modifications. In particular, we offer you paper cones with an angle of inclination:

– 1.51;

– 2.20;

– 4.20;

– 5.57;

– standard type cylinders;

– and also – other manufacturing options.

Need something different? We are always glad for non-standard orders!

A wide range of ready-made solutions, as well as a willingness to develop new solutions, allow us to establish long-term relationships with each new client. After all, we always have what is right for your enterprise!

How do we make paper cones?

Paper cones with different angles of inclination allow for various winding options – both parallel and cross. Our range includes cartridges of various sizes, which allows you to find a suitable option for all types of textile equipment. Including – for the most modern models.

Paper cones “GERMES TEKS” are manufactured on the basis of leading European technologies and equipment. It is thanks to this that we can guarantee you timely execution of the order, even when it comes to large volumes, tight deadlines or complex tasks.

We use water-based paper and paints as the main raw materials. This type of dyes ensures environmental friendliness and safety of finished products. This aspect is very important because the temperature in textile workshops is often quite high. When more toxic paints are used at high temperatures, the toxins are gradually released into the air. Ultimately, this can harm the health of workers.

In the assortment of GERMES TEKS products you will find not only different variations of color solutions, but also cartridges with all kinds of stencils in the form of fish, hearts, geometric shapes, etc.

All our products undergo a multi-stage quality control. This allows us to guarantee that there are no defective products in the purchased batch of conical chucks. We understand the responsibility entrusted to us, and therefore we do everything to make you confident in us!

Do you want to know more about us, our business or the types of products offered? Call us!