What is important for any textile industry?

Of course – high quality equipment, raw materials and consumables. In the absence or low quality of even the smallest aircraft, breakdowns or downtime may occur at the enterprise. In both cases, this means losses for the manufacturer. What to do?

One of the required types of consumables is paper cones. The GERMESTEKS company offers you high quality paper cones at the most favorable prices! Why are we so confident in our abilities? It’s that simple!

We started our activity in 2005. However, after a while, they realized that our company needed more than just a presence on the market. That is why in 2009 the company’s specialists analyzed the paper cones market not only in Uzbekistan, but also in foreign countries.

What have we got?

Ultimately, we managed to collect all kinds of information about the needs of the textile business, the required level of quality and development trends of the textile industry in the Uzbek market.

Why did we do it?

Of course, in order to create the most competitive products. Namely:

1. The paper cones produced by our company had to meet all the quality standards stipulated in terms of strength, durability, wear resistance, environmental friendliness and other aspects;

2. Together with a high level of quality, they had to keep a low cost acceptable for the domestic market.

Today we can offer our customers the highest quality products made from environmentally friendly, 100% safe materials.

The low cost of production is maintained due to the fact that the paper cones are made from local raw materials. The production base “GERMESTEKS” is located in Tashkent. This approach allows us to keep the cost of product delivery to a minimum. This means – to reduce its cost.

Today state of emergency “GERMES TEKS” can offer you 6 models of cones with different angle of inclination. In addition to the widest possible range of products, we also offer you the opportunity to develop a unique solution that will be optimal to meet the needs of your particular production. We understand that the textile market does not stand still and is constantly evolving. That is why we are always ready to discuss the possibilities of fulfilling an individual order.

Why choose us?

Cooperation with us is always beneficial. After choosing us, you do not overpay intermediaries. PE “GERMES TEKS” is a direct manufacturer of paper cones in Tashkent and Uzbekistan!

Like any manufacturer that values ​​its reputation, we do our best to minimize the percentage of defective products. All cones undergo a quality control procedure and only after that we send them to the buyer.

Key partners of our company are enterprises that are part of the Uzbekengilsanoat State Joint-Stock Company and large spinning enterprises in Central Asia.

During our work in the market of Uzbekistan, we managed to achieve a leading position in the market of Uzbekistan. The trust of partners and customers is what the quality of our products demonstrates better than any words!

Are you ready to start a partnership?

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